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an aerial view of a city park with lots of trees
品川 インターシティ ランチ: 品川ランチ日々雑感14802
many people are walking on the sidewalk in front of tall buildings and trees with yellow leaves
Sendai Trust City – OHTORI CONSULTANTS -environmental design institute-
three people walking down a path in the middle of a park with benches and trees
Works / オンサイト計画設計事務所
Works / Tokyo Denki University Tokyo Senju Campus - on-site planning and design office
several trees and benches in front of an office building with green grass on the ground
Asiento vera solo redondo
Asiento de banca redonda sirviendo como un alcorque elegante en un patio de oficinas. #MobiliarioUrbano #banca #disenourbano #urbanismo #paisajismo #arquitectura #arquitecturaUrbana #BusinessPark #MuebleUrbano #bancaRedonda #asientoPublico #alcorque #parque #plazapublica
people walking down the street in front of buildings and trees with green leaves on them
The Most Walkable Cities in America
Week_9_Back_to_the_future #iiturbanism Creating an urban environment, that enables its residences to reach their surroundings destinations without the need for cars or other typs of transport, to me is a something that should be aimed for.
two people sitting on the grass in front of some steps that lead up to a park
6 « Landscape Architecture Platform
6 « Landscape Architecture Works | Landezine
an empty city street lined with tall buildings and colorful murals on the side of it
12_RoemerPlaza_InterpretationMap_JS « Landscape Architecture Platform
12_RoemerPlaza_InterpretationMap_JS « Landscape Architecture Works | Landezine
an outdoor garden area with several black metal structures in the grass and plants around it
A poetic garden of ‘structured chaos’ by TCL
poetic garden-toorak-TCL
several people are walking up and down the stairs in an open area with many trees
826_78_big : PSFK
Cigler Marani Architects’ Patchwork Park
many people are walking down the sidewalk in an open area with trees lining both sides
National-9_11-Memorial-by-PWP-Landscape-Architecture-06 « Landscape Architecture Platform
National-9_11-Memorial-by-PWP-Landscape-Architecture-06 « Landscape Architecture Works | Landezine
an aerial view of people walking and cars parked on the street in front of trees
Calligraphy Greenway | Taichung | Taiwan | Landscape 2015 | WAN Awards
Calligraphy Greenway | Taichung | Taiwan | Landscape 2015 | WAN Awards
an empty city street lined with shops and bushes in the middle of it's sidewalk
Redesign_of_Stationsstraat-by-Grontmij_Belgium-09 « Landscape Architecture Platform
Redesign of Stationsstraat, Sint-Niklaas by Grontmij Belgium. Click image for full profile and visit the slowottawa.ca boards >> http://www.pinterest.com/slowottawa/
an empty street with cars parked on both sides and buildings in the backround
20170269_JG_2185 « Landscape Architecture Platform
20170269_JG_2185 « Landscape Architecture Works | Landezine