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a drawing of a man holding a harp
Death of Archbishop Hatto
a drawing of a woman in blue dress holding a book and looking at the viewer
14th Century, France; Les Très riches Heures de Metz
an image of a man holding a book in his hand and standing next to a dragon
an old drawing of a tower with people on it and two snakes hanging from the top
Schedel, Hartmann; Münzer, Hieronymus [Hrsg.]; Pleydenwurff, Wilhelm [Ill.]; Wolgemut, Michael [Ill.]: Liber chronicarum, dt.: Register des Buchs der Croniken und Geschichten: mit Figuren und Pildnussen von Anbeginn der Welt bis auf dise unnsere Zeit (Nürnberg, 23. Dezember 1493) [M40796]
an image of a man playing the lute on a musical instrument, from a medieval manuscript
St. Alexander - Saints & Angels - Catholic Online
St. Alexander - Martyr with St. Felicity and others
a drawing of a woman holding a flag and wearing a crown with the word clopana on it
a book cover with an image of houses and buildings on it's front page
"Sobótki" Maciej Patkowski Cover by Mirosław Tokarczyk Published by Wydawnictwo Iskry 1963
an image of a painting of a cityscape with buildings and a moon in the sky
York, England
the front cover of medieval cities by henry prentee, illustrated in red and yellow
Medieval Cities: Their Origins and the Revival of Trade by Henri Pirenne - - B000UV6OEU by Doubleday/Anchor
This used book is in Good condition. Nearly a century after it was first published in 1925, Medieval Cities remains one of the most provocative works of medieval history ever written. Here, Henri Pirenne argues that it was not the invasion of the Germanic tribes that destroyed the civilization of antiquity, but rather the closing of Mediterranean trade by Arab conquest in the seventh century. The consequent interruption of long-distance commerce accelerated the decline of the ancient cities of E