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green home framed views

Living Room Designed by Brazilian Architect Isay Weinfeld for a Home in Sao Paulo


Garbage Truck or Luxury Offroad Mobile Home?


If we had a camper like the Verdier Solar Powered Camper, we definitely would have embarked upon more road trips to beautiful National Parks and done it in eco-style Read more: Verdier’s Stylish Solar-Powered Eco Camper


A garbage truck wouldn't be the first place you'd think of building a mobile home but here's a beautiful example. Built inside a standard UNICAT garbage truck, all your basic needs is fit inside th.

Nature Meets Architecture: Great Integrated Green Interiors

Nature Calls: Gorgeous Green Bathroom Lush with Plant Life Peaceful, relaxed and removed from everyday life, this washroom may as well b.

tall house rooms lighting

Green Screens: Tall House Filters Light with Planted Facades

tall green house facade

Stacking green / Vo Trong Nghia + Daisuke Sanuki + Shunri Nishizawa one of my favourite small site home projects stairs Architeture greenspace

cargo cabana

Cargo container cabana in Sri Lanka, constructed with materials found on site.including the cargo containers and old wooden weapons boxes.

semi underground axon renderings

Exploded Axon-Edgeland House, Bercy Chen Studio-in part to heal the land and bring the wildlife back.

semi underground interior spaces

Semi-Subterranean Digs: Modern Take on Native Pit Houses