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Fate stay night

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V “x ». .* 25 cm and over: Ascended to Saintho’od ”& Oh Lord, thank you for brin ing forth your spirit in this divine forml I had thou t In moments of strife that I had lost your grace, ut I see now that my pra ers have not been in vain. You have heard me an you have answered me. I understand now that I have not been abandoned, and you have arrived to deliver me from my guarded maidenhood. Please, come, and judge my faith to you, oh Lord. 20 - 25 cm: Savior of France Thank you for showing me your manhood, my beloved brother-in-arms. For some time I was in doubt, but now I know for sure the path I must walk. If I can refuse such a fine, splendid form created b God such as tyours, then I know I can also refuse t e temptation o the devil himself, and move forward with clear, untainted urpose. My blessed man, your well-endowed penis as shown me the light! , 15 - 20 cm: Ruler of Orléans ‘ ' Hello, my dear companion. It was told to me by the voices of Heaven that you are a person of great ,. resÍpect and admiration, and your stature certainly ' ref ects that. I am glad to have met you. Like my dear commander Gilles, I hope to have your faith and trust as we move forward toward the glory of France. May your love for our country be as vigorous and undying as the energy in your Ioins. .. 10 - 15 cm: Glorified flag-bearer You there, what are you doing resenting yourself like this? Have you no shame. 'Ilhe angels of Heaven do not smile upon the provocative and perverted. You would do well to remember that! Now, don your trousers once more, or I shall be forced to smite you with this flag until the light of the Lord shows you some manners! , 5 - 10 cm: Virgin Maid Oh, have you come to seek the Lord's race in battle as well? Umm, thank you. However, th e that is a nice sentiment, It Is also quite unnecessary. You see, Saint Catherine and Saint Mar aret have s oken to me in my dreams, and they ave told me t at your services are not needed. You would be best suited preparing for the winter and masturbating in your hut as you ve always done. So it is the Lord's will. - _ 0 - 5 cm: Peasant's devotion Yes, this must be yet another test from the Lord. Patience is a virtue, and so we must tolerate the lame and show them compassion, neither judging them for » their lack of virility nor for their nature to exist in futility. We are all God's creatures, and we deserve his love and forgiveness. Althou h, I do wonder the reason of such small... flag poles. hat is truly a higher purpose beyond me. A 1 . ; - )
#fategrandorder, #fateapocrypha, #jeanne, #ruler, #lewd