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lovingdancer: balletandbeautifulthings: i really love this; don’t forget to really mean your reverence at the end of every class! One of the truest things Ive ever read. I wanted to share this with you all.

This is something every dancer should read. Your dance teachers are some of the best people you will ever meet. Never take them for granted. Put thought into WHY you curtsey after every class.

DIY Ballet Shoe Memories

Ballet shoes with a picture hanging for every year of dance. Too bad I sure didn't save my shoes from every year of dance. pretty sure I have my first pair of ballet shoes and first pair of pointe shoes though.

Anne Lamott

Messes are far better than anal tidiness. F*** the false wanne-be artists. Any artists worth a grain of salt is messy. Like the universe, itself, we create magic amidst chaos. ~ETS (Anne Lamott quite.