Janet Fletcher

Janet Fletcher

Janet Fletcher
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"Who needs a boyfriend to have a social life?! Not me, I dance and that IS my life." Bam, couldn't have said that better!

ballet truth I don't need to have a real boyfriend to be happy i can have dance as my boyfriend and also be EXTREMELY HAPPY. Plus with Dance i have no time for a boyfriend.

Mason jars are so cute - and if I can't find room for a dressing table I'll definitely be fighting for something like this in the bathroom!

Put your makeup, hair ties and beauty products in cute DIY makeup organizers so your bathroom countertops stay clutter-free. We show you easy and simple DIY ideas to use mason jars, clear containers and a rolling vanity to store your makeup items.

-Christopher Poindexter oh my word this poetry is making me mushy like some sappy chick flick.

A Different Kind of Loft Bed

Idea for Family room in basement.This is AMAZING! What a smart idea for a growing child's room to truly give them a place of their own without the bed necessarily being the on-the-floor focus!-Opens up the room for a lot more space!

lovingdancer: balletandbeautifulthings: i really love this; don’t forget to really mean your reverence at the end of every class! One of the truest things Ive ever read. I wanted to share this with you all.

All dance teachers, from Ballet to Hiphop they all have one thing in common.to share their passion of DANCE with others! And I love that :)

DIY Ballet Shoe Memories

Ballet shoes with a picture hanging for every year of dance. Too bad I sure didn't save my shoes from every year of dance. pretty sure I have my first pair of ballet shoes and first pair of pointe shoes though.

Ballet terms. Never know when it could be useful, even if only to help make new words

For th - Ballet terms. Never know when it could be useful even if only to help make new words ---


LOL no in class we always say "What type of frappe.Caramel or mocha." My teacher then responds "Italian" and were like ohhh ok that type of frappe