Lamb curry potjie is a real favourite of most South Africans

Authentic Lamb curry potjie is a real favourite of most South Africans.

Lekker potjiekos. My favourite South African dish.

Potjie - directly translated "little pot" from Afrikaans or Dutch, is traditionally, a round, cast iron, three-legged (tripod) pot.

There's nothing better in winter than an oxtail potjie. Here's my favourite recipe for this South African dish.

My favourite oxtail potjie recipe

Extreme Potjie Recipes

Andy Hadfield is a South African entrepreneur in the technology sector.

Boland skaap potjie

Kookolie 8 skaapnek in 15 mm dik skywe gesny 8 skaap kneukels in 15 mm dik gesny 8 varkvleis kneukels, 15 mm dik gesny 8 klein uie 10 ml sout Vleisaftreksel 8 wortels, elk in 3 stukke gesny 3 groot…

Potjiekos Resepte

Potjiekos Resepte

South African Potjie

Potjiekos literally translated means ‘small pot food’ and is a traditional South African stew prepared outdoors. It is usually cooked in a round three-legged pot over a wood fire. This is an all-in…

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