Awesome Nelson Mandela Sculpture…

This amazing piece of artwork erected by South African artist Marco Cianfanelli, stands on the spot where Nelson Mandela was arrested 50 years ago. The monument is constructed out of 50 separate steel bars to represent 50 years since the capture :) .

'Portrait of Ursula' (1954) by South African painter Irma Stern (1894-1966). via South Africa Jewish Museum

irma stern, portrait of ursula, south african artist (south africa jewish museum)

South African Jewish Museum - Irma Stern

Irma Stern (South African artist) - Portrait of a Young Girl 1917

Irma Stern : La pluie qui passe

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Milestone Yellow Irma Stern South africa painter

lilithsplace: “The Pink Sari, 1947 - Irma Stern Irma Stern made trips to Zanzibar in 1939 and To her friends she described the trip as a revelation, the island as a bustling idyll.

Irma Stern 1894-1966 was a South African painter who studied in Germany from 1913 to 1920. Her greatest influence was Expressionism and she played a huge role in introducing modern art to South Africa. When she first displayed her work in her native country, it was controversial. There is now a museum of her art located in Cape Town

Portrait of a Young Malay Girl, 1939 - Irma Stern

irma stern

Notice the dominant yellow

Irma Stern, Still life of Irises (£700k-1m)

Irma Stern - Still life with irises, oil on.

Norman Catherine

'Semi-Detached' by South African artist Norman Catherine Painted wood, 36 cm. via Mutual Art

Still Life with Dahlias and Fruit - Irma Stern, 1960

Artworks by style: Post-Impressionism

Irma Stern

Irma Stern

norman catherine

Graham’s Fine Art Gallery exhibits a significant collection of important South African art, offering the discerning collector excellent examples of and century artworks as well as select contemporary works.

Norman Catherine (South Africa)

Norman Catherine (South Africa)

Irma Stern

Irma Stern ‘Arab in Black’ in an antique Zanzibar frame

Irma Stern

Irma Stern ‘Arab in Black’ in an antique Zanzibar frame

Irma Stern's "Magnolias in an Earthenware Pot" earned R7.15 million

Irma Stern - Magnolias in an Earthenware Pot; Medium: oil on canvas; Dimensions: 68 by