The Ultimate Guide to Unplugging [#INFOGRAPHIC] #technology #health

The Ultimate Guide to Unplugging [INFOGRAPHIC]

The Ultimate Guide to Unplugging [INFOGRAPHIC] When buzzing phones and overflowing inboxes start to overwhelm, it's easier than you may think to take a break from technology. Read on for our best tips.

Cyberbullying-PR_8.12 (1)

Why You Should Talk to Kids About Cyberbullying [INFOGRAPHIC]

This is a cyberbullying infographic which shows information and statistics about cyberbullying. I didn't know that cyberbullying was so popular and there should be ways to stop them because kids in schools are suffering from it.

The potential for digital health in the UK - GREAT information about how digital health has tons of potential to be successful.

The potential for digital health in the UK --- from 'Intellect' the, "go-to organisation for the UK tech industry. It is the trade association for the UK's tech sector, which represents developers and suppliers of digital technology and services"

Social Media Impact on Self-Esteem

How Social Media Can Directly Affect Your Teen’s Self-Esteem

digiteen - Digital Health and Wellness

Teens spend to much time escaping the real world. People spend hours of sleep on video games

Visualistan: Tips For Practical Ergonomics In Your Workplace #infographic #ergonomics

Tips For Practical Ergonomics In Your Workplace #infographic

Healthy Eyes In A Digital World [infographic]    Your computer screen may be causing you more headaches than you know. On average, we sit in front of a computer screen more than six hours a day.

Computer Vision Syndrome: Do Your Eyes Have It? Here's Help [INFOGRAPHIC]

How to maintain healthy eyes in the Digital Age. (Not mentioned in the infographic, but one app that's most helped my own computer-fatigued eyes is Readability.

Profile of a cyber criminal (infographic)

Profile of a cyber criminal (infographic)

Very interesting infographic on the demographics of a cyber criminal along with some (obvious) ways to protect yourself online.

Infographic: Rise of the Digital Patient #epatient #infographics #mhealth

The social people behind CDW Healthcare are doing a good job putting out some great content on social media. A great example of this is this Digital Patient Infographic that they recently posted: I.

Internet Health Infographic Fitness Infographics

ORMUS Brain Energy Nootropics brain boost focus energy boost brain health

Infographic: Is the Internet Bad for Your Health? The Potential Health Risks Of Spending Too Much Time Online.

And once they start, they'll never really go away. Expect it.  Stalking is unwanted attention and abuse from a crazy lunatic.

Harassment soars as police fail with online stalkers

American Optometric Association Digital Eye Strain

Why you should get your child a back to school eye exam, plus tips to avoid Digital Eye Strain.

7 Things to Avoid Doing at Your Desk to Prevent Eye Strain   *Repined by

Standard D Computer Concepts Office safety eye strain Things You’re Doing At Your Desk That Will Give You Eyestrain (Info graphic)

Computers are a part of our everyday life. That can mean big problems for our eyes.

Common Eye and Vision Health Problems Due to Diabetes

Do you have digital eye strain?

Do you have digital eye strain? We've put together a informative and fun infographic to give you all the info on computer vision syndrome.