In life be who you are not who the rest of the world is....
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♀ ♥ ♀ "Some see a weed. Some see a wish." Personally, I think dandelions are very beautiful, even though they're categorized as a weed. so Yes, beauty is in the eyes of the beholder. Just another perception of life.

Alarm didn't go off so I'm running toget ready and drop off my kid to school!!! I will call as soon as I can

I like how some part of the pictures are darker then others, they catch your eye faster. So the first thing you see is the dress, then you see the flower in the hair. Like the Hair and dress

I'd call that a tilt.

thepointes: Bryce Richey, photo by Lauren Rauen Okay… I’m not quite sure… How this happened.

The Hunger Games/Divergent <<< Did you know that the hair is one of the most intimate places on a human being? That's why the hair scenes always mean so much. It shows the bond between characters.