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Never EVER again will I ignore, discredit, push aside those gut feelings...they were there to protect me. I could never in my worst nightmares imagined the level of deceit or consider anyone could lead such a dual life but I knew something was wrong.....terribly wrong. Snakes may change their skin but they are still the same snake!!! That's blatantly obvious to ALL those who know the FACTS!! I know I got soooo lucky to see reality before the lies killed me :))

“Never discredit your gut instinct. You are not paranoid. Your body can pick up on bad vibrations. If something deep inside of you says something is not right about a person or situation, trust it.

Stay out!

Ignore people who threaten your joy. Literally, ignore them. Say nothing. Don’t invite any parts of them into your space. – Alex Elle The post Ignore People Who Threaten Your Joy appeared first on Liv

I'm here and I don't think I can do this anymore....I think I'm going to see my father

My breaking point is now. When I no longer care about the things I used to. Don't have as many feelings. Now is when I break. You can't tell but I'm currently at my broken point.

Know your worth

"You don't find your worth in a man. You find your worth within yourself… and then find a man who's worthy of you. Remember that." So please don't try to seek out your worth in approval from a man & own his personal opinion, because he's only human.