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How to Stylishly Dress Your Kids For Events - MOMO AFRICA

Before I begin, I would like to open this topic with the couples. As we all know, most couples usually wear matching clothes or attires and this is a beautiful way to display affection for each other in their relationship. Just this simple act has the ability of making their outing events, activities, pictures and […]

awesome shweshwe dresses style 2017♥♥2018 - Fashion 2D

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Lux with shweshwe touch!AFRICAN BOLDNESS!

My love for dressing up😊. So in August Lux Afrique held its first ever Polo event over here in London. The dress theme was African boldness and of course this got me running..just the idea of my african theme in there got me excited. I have loads of african fabric at home,and I knew for…

Xhosa Traditional Wedding Dresses 2020

A few months ago I was aked by a customer to make her two pairs of wedding shoes. The one pair she would wear with her white dress on her wedding day and the other pair she would wear with her traditional Xhosa dress for the traditional Xhosa wedding ceremony.For modern urban weddings. Most couples … Continue reading Xhosa Traditional Wedding Dresses 2020 →