Gluten & Refined Sugar Free Buttermilk Rusks - Sugar free Fern #GlutenFree #Gf #wheatfree #sugarfree #xylitol

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Sugar Free Fern: Muesli Recipe A simple & quick Muesli/Granola Recipe to keep your plain yogurt company & to satisfy you at Breakfast time. Sugar & Gluten Free of course!

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Chicken breasts are a great source of lean protein, they're quick to cook, store well and taste good hot or cold. Not to mention, they go well with just about everything!

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How to prepare oats. Overnight Oats are a convenient, nutritious & tasty breakfast option. Soaking oats overnight (or any grain) before eating them is also a very important health step. #SugarFreeFern

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Hello & Welcome to my Sugar Free Blog, Over the past 3 months I have managed to completely turn my health around! How did I do this? In short, I changed my diet. #Sugarfree #glutenfree

Sugar free Fern: Banana Smoothie. A delicious, nutritious & easy breakfast smoothie recipe, perfect to “blend & go” on a busy morning. #sugarfreefern #smoothie

Banana Bread is one of my absolute favourite treats! This simple recipe allows you to still enjoy baked goods, just without the Gluten & Refined Sugar. #SugarFreeFern #GlutenFree #SugarFree

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