Fezokuhle Dimba

Fezokuhle Dimba

Fezokuhle Dimba
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This is an example of texture. It is an example of texture because even though we cannot feel the tire we know from expirience what is feels like and we can picture it. We can also see also see the ridges and design. Which shows woven like a basket.

Dressing well is a form of good manners.

Fashion Quotes : Dressing Well Is A Form Of Good Manners Tom Ford (and self love)

screws and nuts

A black and white photo of a bunch of bolts. The random assortment of sizes, and angles creating different reflections keep it interesting.

Natural Red Brown Possum Fur Throws | Brown Fur Throws & Blankets

Natural reddish brown coloured possum fur decor throws are the most natural colour available with the least amount of processing.

From Shannon Fabrics, this faux fur is truly better than the real thing! It's unbelievably silky soft, plush, and simply stunning. Perfect for coats, vests, accessories, throw blankets, pillows and toys. This faux fur has a very dense 30 mm pile of fine pearl fibers, which make it extra luxurious with a shimmer!

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