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an old fashioned radio with two reels attached to the front and side of it
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Technologically practical they may not be, but as reel-to-reel objets d’art, Jeff Jacobs sells just stunningly restored vintage Technics, Sonys, Piuoneers and Marantzes. He is not necessarily selling these for this function, but I think any one of his pieces would look great in a geek’s apartment. Retro technology as the flourished design encrustations of a modern home… I think that look has legs.
there are many speakers in the room with bookshelves behind them and on the floor
Harman Kardon SoundSticks III 2.1 Speaker System
Avalon Acoustics Sentinel speakers in a fabulous listening room ! Check the CD collection...
an old - fashioned record player is shown on a white background
Thorens TD124 Statement Cocobolo Panzerhol... For Sale | Audiogon
Artisan Fidelity Thorens TD124 Cocobolo / Panzerholz Precison Milled Plinths | Turntables
an old fashioned record player sitting on top of a wooden stand
Thorens TD124 Statement — Artisan Fidelity
an old radio with two speakers on it
Fabulous TEAC Z-7000 flagship cassette deck.
an old radio with two reels on top of it next to a world map
Otari MX-5050 B2 I still have two of these that work great.
the tape recorder has two reels attached to it's front and back sides
Vintage Reel to Reel Recorders
TASCAM BR-20 - - Rendez vos souvenirs durables ! - Sauvegarde - Transfert - Copie - Digitalisation - Restauration de bande magnétique Audio - MiniDisc - Cassette Audio et Cassette VHS - VHSC - SVHSC - Video8 - Hi8 - Digital8 - MiniDv - Laserdisc - Bobine fil d'acier - Micro-cassette - Digitalisation audio - Elcaset
two reels sitting on top of an old fashioned radio recorder with the words tascam written on them
there are many different types of audio equipment in this room
two reels sitting on top of a machine
an old fashioned reel recorder with two speakers on it's front and back sides
Technics RS-10A02 R&B series
two reels sitting on top of an old radio
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two reel recorders sitting side by side on top of each other with their respective controls
Technics RS-1800(U-76)の仕様 テクニクス
Technics RS-1800 1979