Floradale Nurseries Beacon Bay

Floradale Nurseries Beacon Bay

Floradale Nurseries Beacon Bay
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Permaculture plant guilds combine three or more plants to mirror an ecosystem — producing food, building soil health, and providing food for pollinators. To learn more permaculture principles, check out out Tierra: Online course.

Plant Guilds (ways to combine plant[ings] that maximize growth and soil health) Infographic. BONUS: guilds do well under trees.

Companion Planting Chart Lots Of Great Info Video Tutorial

If you're not familiar with companion planting, you need to be! Check out this chart and six reasons to use companion planting techniques in your garden.

Slugs will eat cornmeal, even though it kills them. Put cornmeal in a jar turned on its side near the affected plants…!!!

Cornmeal in a jar garden slug trap- this works for ants too! I am starting to win my battle against the slugs. Apparently, they love corn meal. EVEN THOUGH IT KILLS THEM.

Modern Drought Tolerant Garden

Modern Drought Tolerant (Xeriscape) Garden Even the desert is far from devoid of beautiful plant life. Not all of the Southwest US is desert, yet all have to be cognizant of water use! Love some of the plants used in this pic.

Want a successful container garden? Follow these few simple rules | PreparednessMama

5 Container Gardening Tricks 5 Container Gardening Tricks Small garden space - no problem! Container gardening tricks to have a productive.

growing and blooming clivia, with longwood's alan petravich

IF YOU WANT the best houseplant ever, look no further than Clivia. With help from Longwood Gardens’ Alan Petravich, and [read more…]

Pots and planters at Longwood Gardens: Part II

Elephant Ear and Asparagus Fern make a great plant combination for a container garden-and they're both easy to grow! I know the asparagus fern is easy to grow inside, but need to look up other (Longwood- always worth the trip).