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a white bowl filled with beef and noodles next to an egg on top of a table
Firecracker Beef Ramen Noodles
This dish has it all - noodles, ground beef, broth, soft-boiled egg, and even rice cakes! Firecracker Beef Ramen Noodles starts with a quick, easy, and spicy pan-fried ground beef that is paired with store-bought packaged ramen noodles and optional Korean rice cakes! This is one of those warm and cozy recipes perfect for a night in binging on your new favourite television series! #ramen #groundbeef #beef #ricecakes #soup #korean
the cover of radish and corn coleslaw on a white platter
Radish and Corn Coleslaw
Peppery radish, crisp corn, creamy avocado, fresh green onions, sweet carrots, and crunchy cabbage all meet in the middle to create this most delicious Radish and Corn Coleslaw. With its creamy, zesty, and tart dressing, this coleslaw will most definitely please the toughest critic! #coleslaw #salad #sides #summer #summersides
honey garlic baked pork in a white bowl
Honey Garlic Baked Pork Bites
Moist and tender, with charred bits too, these Honey Garlic Baked Pork Bites are delicious and easy to prepare. Despite the long cooking time, this main is perfect for a family dinner anytime. Sweet and garlicky, with an optional kick of spice and heat. Yum! #pork #baked #bites #honey #garlic
Sweet and Smoky Baked Beans
Instant Pot or traditional oven, Sweet and Smoky Baked Beans are delicious and so easy to prepare. Never buy canned beans from the grocer again! Make them vegetarian or serve them with fried crumbled bacon or ham on the side! #instantpot #beans #sides #smoky #bakedbeans
Grilled Hot and Spicy Squid
Any excuse to grill is a good excuse! This recipe makes use of a homemade sauce consisting of garlic, ginger, soy sauce, red chilies, and hot sauce. Grilled Hot and Spicy Squid is quick and easy; the squid is super tender with a few char marks. Use freshly prepared squid or frozen squid tubes here! #squid #grilled #hot #spicy #calamari #tubes
Strawberry Shortcake Dessert Dip
Strawberry Shortcake Dessert Dip is creamy, thick, and does not deflate like whipped cream because it's made with mascarpone! It's sweet, slightly tart, and made with strawberry shortcake crumbs! #strawberry #shortcake #crumbs #dessert #dip #mascarpone
a close up of a pizza on a wooden surface next to a green pepper and jalapeno
Smoked Green Chile Twice Baked Potatoes
These spicy Smoked Jalapeno Twice Baked Potatoes will no doubt impress your friends at your next cookout. These creamy twice baked potatoes pack a spicy punch with the addition of green chili hot sauce, pepper jack cheese, and a generous slice of jalapeno in every potato. These smoked potatoes make foron of the best side dishes for your barbecue cookout.
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two bowls filled with rice and vegetables on top of a wooden table next to limes
Veggie Packed Quick Massaman Lamb Curry
Veggie Packed Quick Massaman Lamb Curry is a lovely warming Thai Curry with Peanut butter-coconut sauce. This would go with all sorts of vegetables, to make a nutritionally balanced meal. I have chosen aubergine, red peppers, and butternut squash, to underline the creamy and sweet notes of this easy dish. Using lamb rump instead of a more typical stewing cut means, you can cut down the cooking time to about 50 minutes instead of the typical 2h.
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there are many sandwiches and teas on the table with words saying savoury tea party sandwiches
Savoury Tea Party Sandwiches
Savoury Tea Party Sandwiches are small, inexpensive, delicious, and easy to assemble. Serve with hot tea, fresh fruit, and sweet treats for a complete afternoon tea. #teaparty #englishtea #hightea #tea #afternoontea #teasandwiches #fingerfoods #sandwiches
fresh shell and cheese cucumber pinwheels on a platter with herbs
Fresh Dill and Cheese Cucumber Pinwheels
Little sandwiches made with tortillas are often called pinwheels and they are very popular! Not only are they easy to make and quite delicious too, but they are adaptable to any occasion and are enjoyed by kids and adults alike! This particular pinwheel is stuffed with a slightly sweetened cream cheese and chopped cucumber mixture with loads of fresh dill - these just scream spring! #pinwheels #cucumber #dill #appetizers #fingerfoods
Red Berry Swirl Tartlets
An easy to assemble treat perfect for any Canada Day celebration. Red Berry Swirl Tartlets are flaky, buttery, creamy, and sweet. Buy store-bought frozen tart shells to make this recipe fast and easier. These are stuffed with a cream cheese filling and a red berry compote! #tarts #tart #berry #tartlets
Easy Strawberry Syrup
A simple syrup, sometimes referred to as sugar syrup, is in its most basic form, a liquid sugar used to sweeten things like cocktails, fruit juice, and other beverages. But, you can easily add your favourite fruit to change simple syrup to extraordinary syrup - just like in the case of this Easy Strawberry Syrup! #strawberry #syrup #cocktails #dessert
Stovetop Cream Cheese Corn
Easily transform frozen corn into the most delicious side dish in twenty minutes. Stovetop Cream Cheese Corn is side dish perfection! Watch the cream cheese and milk melt together with the corn to create a very tasty side dish in 20 minutes flat! #stovetop #cream #cheese #corn #side #dish
Spicy Lime Sweet Corn Salad
Combine sweet corn with roasted red peppers, green onions, freshly squeezed lime juice, and a good sprinkling of cotija cheese to get the most amazingly delicious summer salad. Serve at room temperature or slightly warmed to taste the optimum flavour profile. #sweet #cotija #corn #salad #lime #spicy
a white bowl filled with coleslaw salad on top of a table
Seafood Coleslaw Salad
Chunks of crab and lobster are tossed with lots of fresh vegetables, like cabbage, cucumber, corn, peas, and green onions in a homemade creamy, tangy, and savoury dressing. Consider your budget and use real seafood or imitation crab and lobster to make this absolutely refreshing Seafood Coleslaw Salad! #seafood #salad #coleslaw #imitation #crab #lobster