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"Patience is beautiful...When you feel vulnerable and alone, just remember that His canopy is always above you...Always...La Hawla Wala Quwwata Illah Billah..."
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there are many flowers in the vases and one is on the wall with a quote
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someone holding their hand up in the air with an orange and pink sky behind them
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a cup of coffee next to an open book and red roses on a furry surface
a woman holding a bouquet of flowers with a quote on the side that reads, allah has destined goodness for you be patient
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the tajwa mosque in india has an advertisement on it that says, friday may allaah keep you safe, well & always happy
May Allah keep you safe, well & always happy. | islamtics
someone holding their hand out the window of a car that says life is hard snow, but alhamdulith
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a person's hand reaching up into the sky with an inspirational quote above it