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a large painting hanging on the wall in an empty room with hard wood flooring
a marble table with gold and white designs on the top, in arabic calligraphy
islamic epoxy painting with allah lettering.40*60cm
an arabic calligraphy is displayed on a canvas
an arabic calligraphy in gold and brown on a white background with a black border
two pieces of stone with writing on them sitting on a table next to a string
‘Alhamdulillah’ and ‘Subhanallah’ Islamic Calligraphy Canvases
a person holding up a piece of art with writing on it
two paintings with flowers on them sitting on a tile floor next to chopsticks
an arabic calligraphy displayed in a white frame on a stone wall with grey tiles
Arabic Calligraphy Wall Art
a person holding up a black and white poster
an easel sitting in front of a painting of the kabab on display
Islamic Art and Quotes: Photo