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All we can say is Wow. Truly motivating:

Kate Writer, has shed more than 115 pounds in just nine months and she did it all without surgery.

Repin This !! - Learn How To Heal Your Thyroid Naturally !

The thyroid system plays a critical role in your metabolism. Along with insulin and cortisol, your thyroid hormone is one of the big three hormones that control your metabolism and weight. The key …

15 Holiday Beauty Hacks Every Girl Must Know – SOCIETY

The holidays are a busy time of year, and you may not have all the time in the world to perfect your makeup and hair. Or, you may not have time to go replace that die-hard product you ran out of. Well that& where this list comes in handy!

Woman who shed 21st stone says she's often accused of having surgery

Laura Micetich, from Tennessee, decided to lose weight after her four-year relationship ended and her looks have changed dramatically, some have accused her of having surgery.

Italian Food ~ /explore/food/ /explore/Italian/ /search/?q=%23italianfood&rs=hashtag /search/?q=%23ricette&rs=hashtag /explore/recipes/ ~ Pull apart pizza.

Good idea for Buffalo chicken bites pull-apart pizza: gorgeous AND delicious! serve with marinara dipping sauce or seasoned olive oil. Use your favorite pizza dough, assemble & bake.

50 Recipes for Weight Loss--enjoy delicious recipes to help drop the pounds! #weightloss #recipes #skinnyms

Eating for weight loss does not have to bland and boring. Pin these 50 Recipes for Weight Loss and enjoy low calorie meals for days! get into those jeans shorts and still indulge your tastebuds diet slimming recipes no pain diet cooking for 2015

Stimulate The Thyroid To Burn Fat And Make Metabolism Active

An older man arrived in 1 day to get a regimen verify on the doctor Erika Schwartz. She see the health background, approved prescript.