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Coconut Flour pancakes, low carb

Low Carb Pancakes: _____ TBSP Coconut Flour _____ 2 eggs _____ 3 TBSP Almond Milk _____ 1 TBSP softened Cream Cheese _____ Celtic Sea Salt _____ fried in Bacon Grease or coconut oil

Easy Cloud Bread

Easy Cloud Bread: Eggs, cream cheese, and cream of tartar are baked together forming cloud bread, a gluten-free fluffy bread substitute.

Low Carb Coconut Flour Bread (coconut flour, eggs, butter)

Those labeled “low fat” are packed with sugar. And while the “low carb” options might have less sugar, they use chemical-laden, artificial sweeteners which taste awful… and are even WORSE for your health!

Classroom Newsletter Templates

These Class Newsletter Templates are designed to make organizing your parent communication a breeze. With several fresh and stylish designs to choose from, your class newsletter is sure to POP in that pile of papers parents have to sift through each week.

Accident Report Printable for Child Care

Accident Report Printable for Child Care. Do you do accident reports?

Coolest sink ever.... EVER

Bar Sink Features A Nautilus Shell Shaped Cavity Basin Want your home’s bar to be wet? The compact style of this ammonite bar sink and faucet by High Tech Design Products features a nautilus shell.

Homemade Granola Recipe - Eat Healthy and Save Money

Here is a basic granola recipe. This is how to make plain granola. At the end you can add whatever else you like. nuts, dried fruit, etc. Swap out veg oil for coconut oil :)))