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Banting Friendly Nuts

We are often faced with the question...which nuts are "the best" for banting. Now the thing is, technically peanuts are a legume. Oh, but that rules them put right? Well, not so fast. Legumes aren't that bad actually, and especially if treated properly. The peanuts we suggest eating if you do choose would be raw peanuts. You can always roast yourself. The issue with peanuts is majority because of the high omega 6 content. Have some mackerel or pilchards and you're good to go! Use this list…

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Here are 10 major rules that you should be following if you're on a Banting Diet. Your diet can result to be ineffective if you don't follow these rules!

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Turmeric includes powerful medicinal homes that are great for reducing swelling. It likewise consists of Circumin as its active ingredient, which is a strong antioxidant.