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5 Fresh Ways to Shake Up the Look of a Bathtub/Shower Combo

Sandra& Luxurious Modern in Brentwood Pin it Ah, the tubber combo. It& ubiquitous in bathrooms all over the world. And because it& so common, it can very easily fall into the boring side of was

Kendall Jenner emulates half-sister Kim Kardashian in white ensemble #dailymail

the-chanel-charade: “keeping-up-with-the-jenners: “Kendall Jenner in Emilio’s Trattoria in Encino ” X ”

This outfit is not me, but affordable clothing sites ate great! 10 affordable clothing websites you didn’t know about!

How To Wear Leggings

This IS NOT Abby & Anna but this gives ideas on how to wear our leggings! How to Wear Leggings: Interesting and Stylish Combinations - Leggings with Suitable Shoes,Handbags and Clothes