Kind Words

Nice things people say about our nice books
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On Megahex, "The best way to describe these comics to anyone who hasn’t read them is simply to say they feel complete, with everything precisely in its right place, as if Hanselmann’s tiny panels really were just little windows into a strange universe of post-college weirdos, slackers, and psychotics who just happen to be talking animals."

The best comics of 2014: Ongoing and special series

"The central question, in a way, is asked out loud by Sam halfway through: “Do we bear a moral responsibility for our fantasies?” The book sets out to have a conversation about that question. "

Dylan Horrocks on Depression, Magic Pens and Tasteful Comics Porn

"Gast", "Doctors", and "Arsene Schrauwen" receive high praise from Paste Magazine's 'Best Comic Books of 2014'

Nice honor for the fine folks over at O'so Brewing Company: their Bourbon Barrel Imperial Night Train was named one of the best new beers of 2014 by Paste Magazine!