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peashooter85: Merolla Pistol, This very curious...

Nouvelle: Giovanni Merolla was Italian and is known for a curious weapon with eight barrels. The eight barrels are assembled in two groups of four, and the eights can be put at only one feature from fire or oven at the same time.

Harley Davidson Leaning Trike Patent Application

Here’s something a bit different from the Motor Company, it’s a patent application from Harley Davidson for a leaning trike. It’s looks like a cross between the Can-Am Spyder and …

Belt-fed M82….Holy 50 Caliber shit!

This is NOT a belt fed weapon, someone is an idiot for even showing it like this. I love the Barrett calibre

.50 Sniper Weapon

The Barrett Cal Sniper's Rifle. citizen that has no felony or violent crime police record has the right to own a gun. If you believe you have the right to own a weapon like this, you better be in the military!