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a braided t - shirt rug hanging on a brick wall with text overlay that reads how to make a braided t - shirt rug
The EASIEST No-Sew Braided T-Shirt Rag Rug Tutorial
a pink and yellow rug sitting on top of a floor next to a pair of scissors
Fruit Tingle Sun I love pink and yellow together and this one reminds me of a fruit tingle lolly. #nosewragrug #ragrug #madebyhand
a piece of paper that has been made to look like an apple with sprinkles on it
Fairytale gnomes in the garden
The latest rag rug born in Bairnsdale, 2018. This one reminds me of gnomes in the garden or fairytales. #nosewragrug #ragrug #madebyhand
several ties laid out on the floor next to each other
I buy old sheet sets in op shops, choosing colours that blend together. Using the no-sew technique I learned from Ilka White, this is the 4th rag rug I've started.
a red, white and black tie laying on the floor
Jelly Fish rag rug
This rag rug was made from stretch material and it ended up in the shape of a bag. I unpicked it eventually, but like this it just reminds me of a jelly-fish. #madebyhand #ragrug #nosewragrug #unpicked
a round rug made out of various colored yarns on top of a white bed
Effie's rag rug
This was a gift for a friend. It is a large rug, perhaps 120cm across. My friend loved it so much she wanted to hang it, but I advised against that, because rag rugs love to be walked on. And feet love to walk on them. The wear just adds to the character. #ragrugs #madebyhand #nosewragrug
a crocheted white and red hat laying on the floor
New Year Cleaning: 5 Projects for Your Old T-Shirts • Page 5 of 5 • Crafting a Green World
braided rug from old t-shirts. Lots of color would be super cute and a great rug at an entry way for dirty shoes
instructions for how to tie a rug on the floor with stringing and yarns
How To Make a Braided Rug
there are several pieces of braiding on the floor
a table top made out of different colored glass beads and some sort of woven material
New Ready to Ship Handmade Hand Braided Recycled Round Rug / - Etsy
a round rug made out of small pieces of colored fabric on a wooden floor with green border
Handmade Hand Braided Wool Area Rug in Blues and Greens
Handmade Hand Braided Wool Area Rug in Blues and Greens | by Mrs Ginther
a pair of sneakers sitting on top of a multicolored rug next to a plant
Braided Wool Rugs: A New Obsession! - Betz White
Braided Wool Rugs: A New Obsession! - Betz White
a woman is weaving fabric on an old wooden chair with a hand loom in the background
Warping a Salish Loom for Rag Rugs
Addiction Warning! Rag rug making is fast, easy & inexpensive and making attractive, hard-wearing rugs is likely to become addictive. Let me show you how
a white rug on top of a wooden floor
Rugs - Rugs | Houzz
Rope Rug
an assortment of wooden crochets and knitting needles
Searsport Rug Hooking
Searsport Rug Hooking -- Rug Hooks
there are many different pictures of old tires and other things that have been placed on the floor
Whiplash/Jeans part 1
start of braided rug
a multicolored quilt is laying on the floor
Mary Janes & Galoshes - Latest Craft Tips & Product Recommendations
rugs woven from scraps
a gray and white rug on the floor in a kitchen
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Woven kitchen runner made with piping cord and a homemade loom from an old door...love this!!!