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a plate full of sugar coated donuts on top of a white tablecloth covered counter
Gulab Jamun ( Flop - Proof ) recipe by Shireen Hassim Shaik
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six square cakes with sprinkles sitting on top of a table
The Quickest, Smoothest Burfee Ever recipe by Indira Maharaj
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many small white balls with colorful sprinkles on them
3 Ingredient Burfee recipe by Tasmiah Tayoob
there is a large tortilla in the pan
Super Soft Roti ( Healthy ) recipe by Pamela Padayachee
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a white plate topped with meat covered in sauce and garnished with cilantro
Durban Fish Curry Recipe
some type of bread in a basket on a table
Poori Recipe | Puri Recipe | How To Make Pooris
Step-by-step recipe with pictures to make soft, puffy poori. How to make soft and puffy puri. Indian puffed bread. Poori making tips. Indian puri recipe.
some tortillas are stacked on top of each other in a black plate, ready to be eaten
Quick and Easy Naan Bread Recipe (yeast-free)
several pictures of raspberry crumb bars on a cooling rack with the words nazza shak above them
Hungarian Tart recipe by Nazia Shaik
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some food is on a white plate near a bowl
Poori Recipe | Puri Recipe