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We hope you all had the chance to barbecue up some delicious food this weekend — if not, you’ll definitely want to with this tasty rib recipe. Thank you to Aiza for sharing her Coca-Cola BBQ Ribs.

Cheese scones

Cheese scones - Ministry of Food style. Yummy scones, and no stuffing around with butter.

Easy Chutney Chicken Recipe | South African Dish | Just Easy Recipes

Chutney Chicken

This recipe brings back extremely fond memories of Sunday afternoons in our house as I was growing up. I’d often be playing outside for a while, needing a water break and as soon as I entered the house, I’d find myself welcomed by the smell of my mother’s

Buttermilk Rusks Recipe

1 kg bruismeel 5 ml bakpoeier 5 ml sout ml anyssaad (opsioneel) 200 g ml) suiker (of tot 300 g vir diegene wat beskuit nogal s…

Pumpkin fritters – or Pampoen koekies in Afrikaans – are delicious for breakfast or dessert and it’s so quick and easy to make!   Print Pumpkin Fritters Author: Fazila Olla-Logday Recipe type: Dessert Cuisine: South African Serves: 6   Pumpkin fritters or Pampoen koekies in Afrikaans are delicious for breakfast or dessert and it's so quick and easy to... Read More »

This picture shows a South African dessert called pumpkin fritters. Basically, it's a sweet pumpkin flavored pastry.

Steak & Mushroom Pot Pie

Steak & Mushroom Pot Pies

Steak and Mushroom Pot Pie Use beef stew meat cut in bite size pieces baby bella mushrooms regular paprika instead of smoked added thawed frozen peas Topped with mashed potatoes instead of puff pastry

Savoury muffins always hit the spot in our homes and here is a quick and easy treat. These yummy muffins are perfect for a weekend-breakfast treat and of course, ideal to serve fresh-out-of-the-oven as a side dish to a hearty soup, salad or stew.

This page contains onion cheese biscuits recipes. Try these delicious biscuits with soups or stew.