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Buttermilk Rusks - Easter Recipe from I Love Baking SA

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Granola / Muesli Rusks Recipe

Recipe For Granola Muesli Rusks - Lavender and Lime

This recipe for Granola Muesli Rusks is sure to be a perfect breakfast treat, and an even better tea time snack. They are our equivalent to biscotti.



GESONDHEIDS BESKUIT 1kg self raising flour 2 Cups brown sugar 3 Cups All Bran Flakes 3 Eggs 500g butter 2 teaspoons baking powder 2 Cups oats 2 Cups sunflower seeds (I added pumpkin and pine nuts) 500 ml Butter milk Pinch of salt Mix all dry ingredients together. Melt butter, cool Beat eggs, buttermilk and butter together. Add to dry ingredients. Mix well. Place in tins bake 180 degrees 45-50 minutes When…