Kiera Faith Sass

Kiera Faith Sass

Don't change for anyone be who YOU want to be 💋
Kiera Faith Sass
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Minion quote: I hate it when you have to be nice to someone you really want to throw a brick at . been there!


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Funny Minion pictures with quotes (07:40:11 PM, Tuesday 17, November 2015 PST) – 10 pics

Funny Minion pictures with quotes PM, Tuesday November 2015 PST) - 10 pics - Funny Minions


Left Brain vs Right Brain. Importance of Improving the Right Brain Skills - Awaken Mindset

Patient: The problem is that obesity runs in our family. Doctor: No, the problem is that no one runs in your family.

#workout denial if you are going to show up for the workout, give it your all! The run may get hard, the weights might become heavy, the struggle can be real.... But the results will be worth it I have had people say to me "I'm not ready to train with you yet, I need to get in shape first" just follow @nike and JUST DO IT! I will get you there! We all start somewhere. Don't limit your potential! #fitness #fitspo #trainer

Minions pushup with chocolate. Funny Quotes for Teens Here are some most funniest teen quotes, you will feel that they fit your feelings .


I have a hard time to express my frustration and at times I will throw temper tantrum… Mommy tells me to relax, breath, and think of something happy. I wonder how Mommy remains so calm even when I get mad at her.