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Perfect Patra (Timpa/Alu Vadi) - Sanjana.Feasts - Indian Snacks
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Orange Roll Cake
Burger Bar
Burger Bar was such a hit Idea on my Son’s Birthday. • I setup the corner like Build Your Own Burger. • Menu; • Beef Burger Patty (recipe on my YouTube) • Zinger Burger Chicken Patty(recipe on my YouTube channel) • Onion rings • Cheese slices • Lettuce • Tomatoes slices • Cucumber slices • Burgee Buns • Sauté mushrooms • Jalapeños • Coleslaw • Gherkins • Nachos • Fries (straight, curly, & crinkle) • . • Then in desserts I made Chocolate Devil Cake, Fruit Trifle. • . • For Setup I used Crates (from Homebargains) • Woven trays from Aldi • Yellow tissue paper from Tesco • Trays for patties from chafing dishes • Relish holder from Tesco • Backdrop from Neewer Used artificial leaves for setup and fresh flowers Share your thoughts for this setup?