Whole class makes a butterfly each to lift the balloon

Christian Schloe – Dream On Isn't this just great! I wanna hop on.

Osborne & Little: W6592-01 I don't know where in my house I would use this pattern, but I kind of love it!! Some modernist I am!

Gorgeous Butterflies From Osborne Amp Little Osborne Amp Little 01 Butterfly Colour Interiors


18x24 Vintage Science Plate Poster. Insects. Butterflies Moths- 087

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butterfly wing

SEED OF KINDNESS Be kind to yourself and others. We’re ALL fighting our battles, managing change and looking for a break. Befriend fragile things, beginning within

From W. J. Holland's The Butterfly Book, photographic plate.

1904 butterfly specimen chart book plate XXXIV vintage antique entomology Butterfly print Latin names fall colours 108 years old


Newly-emerged Blue Morpho butterflies photographed at the Calgary Zoo. Fine, we should all be like butterflies, metamorphosis .


Plush moth with embroidered wings. Fabulous to make from vintage linens or special pieces of fabric.


old and rescued linen moth by mr finch


Bugs on Book Covers

Bristol-based artist Rose Sanderson, Bugs on Book Covers

Mister Finch: Brooches....Done....

My Owl Barn: Mister Finch textile sculpture

(33) Fab.com | Winged Insects Print

The Graffical Muse: Antique Insect Print

Riesengebirge (Memories of the Riesengebirge).  Caspar David Friedrich

Memories of the Giant Mountains 1835 - Caspar David Friedrich