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here are 18 fun toddler activities for 16-18 months old! #toddlermom #toddleractivities #toddlersoftiktok #kidsactivities #andGO
S is for Star Space Theme activity
Make learning letters fun and hands-on with this S is for Star ⭐️ stamping activity! Make a star shape stamp using an empty paper roll. Look for all the S and stamp a golden star on them. 🌟 👉🏻 Recommended for 2 to 4yo ❤️ Love this activity? Follow @happytotshelf for more fun and creative learning activities for kids!
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📢Dinâmica pedagógica
📌Curso de LUDOPEDAGOGIA com CERTIFICADO GRATUITO DE 180H. Valorize seu currículo profissional. 👏🥰 Quem quiser participar, Basta acessar este pin! 📌 Curta ❤️ Comente 🗣️ Salve 🗃️ Compartilhe 📤 #2023 #planosdeaulas #planoseditáveisbncc2023 #educaçãoinfantil #ensinofundamental #recursosparadocentes #planejamentosdeaulas .. ...
Dot to Dot Rocket
Can you believe how this simple Dot-to-Dot Rocket activity 🚀 have so many benefits for young children? 🔴 Develops hand-eye coordination 🟠 Hones fine motor and pre-writing skills 🟡 Strengthens focus 🟢 Develops visual fiscrimination ❤️ Want in on more fun learning activities? Check out our popular kids’ activity membership, The Happy Learners’ Club!
Jogo de mãos!
Coordenação motora #pedagogia #artes
Number Line Car to learn addition
This is the cutest Number Line Car learning toy for your little car lovers! Move the car along the number and learn counting and addition. . 👉🏻 Recommended for 3 to 6yo 👉🏻 For 2 to 4yo, call out a number and have your child ‘drive’ the car to the number. 👉🏻 For 5 to 6yo, write simple addition problems and have your child move the car according to the math problem. To add more challenge, toss 2 dice and have your child add up the two numbers using the Number Line Car.
Rocket Race Counting Board for Preschoolers
A fun Rocket Race game for kids to learn the concept of number line, counting and addition! Make this an exciting 2 player game and see who reaches the outer space first! 👉🏻 Recommended for 4 to 7yo. Find more counting activities for preschoolers on Happy Tot Shelf blog.