The Boer War 1899- 1902: Part 2 of 4

Apologies for the poor sound quality. First broadcast in 1999 to mark the centenary of Boer War in South Africa, and never broadcast since as far as I am awa.

AFRICA A Voyage of Discovery in HD: The Magnificent African Cake - Episode 6/8 - Scramble for Africa - YouTube

The white man came to Africa as missionaries and explorers but were soon sitting on a table dividing Africa amongst themselves. Here's a peep into how Europe.


Cape Town racist club assault: The tragedy and danger of an ahistorical upbringing

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"Where is the outrage over the horrifying crimes committed by ISIS?

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Lisa Vetten

Lisa Vetten has been working as a gender activist and works at the Wits Institute for Social and Economic Research (Wiser) as an honorary research associate. Vetten has a master’s degree in politi…

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Kate Wilkinson

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