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freshly baked croissants are lined up on a baking sheet in front of bread baskets
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vegetables and fruit on a cutting board next to a blender with juice in it
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several plates with different types of food on them, including pasta and an egg in the middle
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sushi in a plastic container with cucumbers and avocado
a shopping cart filled with lots of food next to a bottle of water and other items
several trays of sushi and vegetables on a table
chocolate chip cookies in a paper bag on a white tableclothed surface, ready to be eaten
three different desserts are on the table with two cups and spoons next to each other
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sushi rolls with cucumber and sesame seeds in a tray on a table
there are many different types of pastries on display
sushi is served in a foam container with garnishes and seasoning
For love of the female nude
a white dish filled with cinnamon rolls covered in icing
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