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Whether you truly believe in the "power" of the zodiac or not, you probably know your sign and sneak a peek at horoscopes when you come across them —.

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"Who wants to crush his sweet little dreams!" When I first saw zootopia Nick is really fooled me.

A mothers arms by Quirky-Middle-Child

A mothers arms Nick Wild and his mom. This almost made me tear up.

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Easily, the most intimate and romantic tableau of the ZPD's cutest couple! I can't help but feel my heart thump excitedly whenever I see these endearing kissing scenes between Nick and Judy.

I had this fox in my neighborhood who just walked into the jiffy store like, every other day and looked around and left and everyone was cool with it...good times..

I don't see anything wrong with this. It's just a fox making a withdrawal! I DO, however, have a problem with the diaper on the sign above the ATM. or whatever the hell it is.