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Hey! I'm Danny..daughter of the amazing Dan and Phil (no pun intended) I have a pretty cool brother.. we both make videos. I'm definitely British..I love the guitar, and video games..and I'm 17

"Name?" "Annie Trestan." Lux recited with an Southern accent that was not her own, "I'm twenty years old, five foot five, one hundred and twenty pounds, and I've got no ailments to speak of except an allergy to pollen." Lux had practiced this lie for weeks. She was a spy for the government of Libertanias. Specifically, she was a Morph: one of an elite force of agents that, with the help of specialized technology, could change their appearance and personality easily. Lux was the best they…


Zoey Deutch harper by Harper's BAZAAR September 2016 Photoshoot

Golden Waves - Zoey Deutch wears her hair in bombshell waves with a La Perla swimsuit