If you can get past my walls you have a most loving and devout friend.

A Leo is one of the most toughest people you will have ever come across with the biggest heart.

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Yes, although I'll admit, wanting attention soon breaks those non talkative days.

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I know a Leo and they completly changed who they where to fit in. ē when I brought up stuff we both loved around other people she'd be like "that sounds stupid what's that"

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Or it will happen for a certain length of time before we realise that actually, no one should ever try to control anyone that they love #bigmistake

Fun facts about your sign here. Best learn about Leo's quick in case your friend is a Leo. This is coming from a leo

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Leo are not intentionally hurtful to anyone, in fact they keep quiet about a lot, it's only when they are attacked that will become that vicious lion

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I can socialize with friends & random people with no problem, I only consider a few people close friends & I only consider a few people in my life real friends. I keep my real friends really close.