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Ryu's Photo from September Earth, Fire, Water and Air Signs Check out our photo gallery. Part of the photo album: Getting to know you

I lied once, in order to keep a jalous person away from a beloved one. It is still breaking my heart.

People fail to realize a Scorpio always tell you the truth because they see no reason to lie.

Astrology: North Node + South Node through the Zodiac Signs | #astrology #northnode #southnode

Astrology: North Node through the Zodiac signs ("past tendency" is what we learned in the past, aka South Node, so just look for the sign where your North Node is located and read ☺)

Virgo - yeah I even keep sweets at the side of my bed for cry times

I'm a Sagittarius, but I act more like a Capricorn, Taurus, Gemini, Libra mix

Sun Sign, Rising Sign, Moon Sign, Mars Sign, Venus Sign, Mercury Sign | #astrology

Well, that explaines a lot, considering mine are: Sun: Sagittarius Moon: Aquarius Mercury: Sagittarius Venus: Capricorn Mars: Aries

Free information about learning astrology. Includes topics in Western astrology such as: Houses of the horoscope, Signs of the zodiac, Astrological aspects, Planets, Asteroids, and much more!

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“I am an entrepreneur, but my emotions are very guarded. I think in a purposeful way, but express my energy in a focused way. In love, I seek intensity. I take on the role of the old soul.

astroadvice: “trippygemini: “astrogoldfish: “zoodiack: “pastelastrology: “zodiac–signs: ““I am SUN SIGN, but my emotions are rather MOON SIGN. I think in a MERCURY SIGN way, but express my energy in a.