How To Crochet Zig Zag Puff Stitch

Crochet Zig Zag Puff Stitch

Check the way to make a special photo charms, and add it into your Pandora bracelets. How To Crochet Zig Zag Puff Stitch

The pastel colors on this Hopscotch Crochet Blanket Pattern look like this afghan crochet would just melt in your arms. Even though the zig-zag design of the spaces looks a little intimidating, this is actually an easy crochet blanket!

Hopscotch Crochet Blanket Pattern

Learn to Crochet the Tulip Stitch! This quick working zig-zag patterned stitch is perfect for your next crochet project.

Tulip Stitch: A Free Crochet Tutorial

The tulip stitch is quick to crochet and forms a distinct zig-zag pattern as your project grows. Great for baby blankets, afghans, scarves and more.