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The Reticulum Constellation - Exra-terrestrials from Zeta Reticuli in Reticulum Constellation - Betty and Barney Hill (this calls for comment)

Alien Races and Civilizations which have visited Earth Among them, the Zetans, or Greys from Zeta Reticuli; the Maitre - ugly insect-like warriors; the Annunaki - Reptilians who created the human race, shape-shifting blood drinkers possibly the Egyptian gods; and the Nordics - Pleiadians from the planet Asgard, human like with blond hair blue eyes

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Zeta Reticuli / Australia

Did you ever wonder the REAL story of where our galactic lineage originated from? Do you feel any ties to the Pleiades? Lyra? Sirius? Vega? Orion? Arcturus? Zeta Reticuli? In passing through the Pr...

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