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Spray on Adhesive LARGE 11.0 -Ounce. Popular with Embroidery, Quilt Basting, Mounting Stencil, Screen printing. Easy to Bond & Tack, Spray, Removable, Restickable Glue for Fabric, Textile & more Max-Pro

from Snail Pace Transformations

Christmas On A Zero Budget : Free E-Book & Printable Pack

Not sure how you are going to pay for Christmas? Grab the Christmas On A Zero Budget free mini eBook and printable planning pack and learn how to find the funds for your Christmas budget from unexpected places you might not have thought of before.

from Antique Sage

Art as the Perfect Zero Coupon Bond

Art and antiques are a compelling alternative to traditional financial assets, behaving very similarly to high quality zero coupon bonds.

Friday 23/9/2016 (click here for the Eurofinance site & here for a related Keynote speech) How long can Europe go on like this? In mid-July Germany sold €4.038bn of 10-year zero-coupon bonds wi…