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Nice Instagram Of Zendaya July 25, 2013

hello *smiles shyly* uh,. oh im Kole. im 18 and im one of Brissa's cousins. i have a little brother whos 17 and his name is Lucas. im r-really shy and I have a problem i dont like to talk about. i-i i like to skateboard and dance. If i let you have some of my pizza consider yourself lucky. its my pizza. -Kole

"Replay" by Zendaya May Have An Odd Meaning

<3 this song!! (Even though I think it's got a slightly naughty double-entendre..)


How To Be A Total Badass, In Zendaya GIFs

Zendaya 'Replay' Video: In Honor Of Her New Song, Your Complete Guide To Being As Cool As Zendaya (GIFs)