Zazu is a hornbill who is Mufasa's majordomo in The Lion King. He later serves Simba in The Lion King II: Simba's Pride. Small and almost delicate-looking, Zazu boasts a tiny but colorful array of feathers. His chest is small and oval-shaped, and his neck is long and thin, with his tail being tall and pluming. His beak proves to be his most prominent feature, colored a bright red with a patch of yellow near his nostrils. His feathers are light blue, tipped with lines of white and nav...


Zazu is a hornbill who is Mufasa's majordomo in The Lion King. He later serves Simba in The Lion.

Walt Disney Animation Studios - The Lion King (1994) Clean-Up Model Sheets - Zazu © Disney

Throwback Thursday: Modeling The Lion King

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Our idea for Timon is to use a long sleeve unitard painted in some way with a tail added - NOT something that looks like a kid dressed up in a one-piece bulky fur Halloween costume. The costume can be awesome if the face painting were the done like this!

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Can You Name All These Characters From The Lion King Movies?

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Other photos show a bowtie, but this is cute, too. Also like the dot pattern added to the suit.

Zazu from The Lion King on Broadway- I absolutely love how they still act through facial expressions! It's so easy just to let the puppet be the center of attention.

Zazu from The Lion King on of the most amazing productions, filled with puppetry, shadow work, and so many other things that make Africa BE on stage.