For Sale: Yugo M-92 Krink SBR, $3000, 7.62X39, 10" barrel, Custom Triangle Side folder, 4-piece booster, US Palm grip & magazine, wood hand guards (You pick stain/Moly color), Moly finish over park. Jim Fuller normally builds Krinks in groups, and this group will have 8 AKS-74U Krinks and 9 Yugo M-92's. Two of the M-92 Krinks are available for sale. $3000. If you want an RD Yugo M-92 built for you, email to:

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Gear on point Via @kris7.62 SBR'z #sbr #noveske #300blackout #zastava #m92 #ak47 #benchmade #tripleaughtdesign #fastpacklitespeed #edc #gunshinestate #igmilitia #gunporn

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Zastava Arms M92 Pistol Linked to Paris Terror Attacks Came Through U.S.

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Zastava M92 PAP

Zastava M92 Underfolder with fixed barrel shroud faux supressor for legal length.

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