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@Christina Temnycky Lar's attempt at cheering your dupa up... Zac attack!!! (lol I'm pathetic.. Shhh no one needs to know that)

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40 Sharp Street Fashion Ideas For Men

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Zac Efron in Zac Efron Leaving Radio One

Zac Efron Jeez it's cringy that I think he's hot but with facial hair he's fucking beautiful.

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Zac Efron whizzes around the grocery store on his skateboard

Deep in thought: Zac was seen looking distracted as he eyed up goods on the aisles...

Zac Efron shows off new beard at Charlie St Cloud premiere

Zac Efron- beard and a plaid shirt, he's growing into a lumberjack!

zac efron...with facial hair......just when I thought he couldn't get better looking...

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See Hot Pics of Zac Efron!

Normally not an Efron fan but I have to say, not bad, my friend, not bad at all....

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I never thought I had a 'type' but as I pin and pin, I see my dark haired, blue eyed and bearded preferences emerging......shabby to be so narrow I know, but delightful nevertheless, ha!