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sunyshore: “ New Yuri, Yurio, and Victor illustration in this month’s Otomedia! ”

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“JJ IN EPISODE 11 BE LIKE ” (gif edit by me XD) (source of the vine: LINK) i don’t hate JJ i love him so much okay he deserves a hug and pat on the back

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Bless this beautiful ship

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fishthatlikestuff: “I deserve to be kicked out of fandom, not only for making this but for posting it on Victors birthday too *slaps self* inspired by this post ”

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tumblr_oh2806yho61rol0uno9_400.jpg (300×300)

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Plus everything else about the rings, the kiss, Viktor crying scene, marriage proposal, Yuri's face when he thinks of ''something to excite Viktor'' and the very end where they skate together.

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