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Seriously Original Noodles at Yuji Ramen

Another gorgeous ramen bowl from Yuji Ramen. Can't wait to eat at his pop-up stand next month!

YUJI RAMEN - 5 course ramen tasting - gelatin ramen and oyster broth over noodles by, via Flickr

Yuji Haraguchi's Guide to Japanese Food and Ingredients in NYC

A Guide to New York's 'Secret' Ramen Shops

There are a lot of great ramen restaurants in this city. But if you're looking for a noodle operation that is under the rader, hidden, hush-hush, or on the DL, look no further than this guide to...

Seriously Original Noodles at Yuji Ramen

Uni-Miso Raviolo Liquid uni and miso broth is inside the raviolo that comes topped with blood orange, tare, and sea urchin with shiso and orange zest.