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Things to do in Bath, England

Travel to Bath, England and you will be rewarded for your effort with Roman Baths, Georgian architecture and gorgeous parks ... all in a World Heritage site.

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Literally what is happening here, I leave the internet for one week for a trip and I come back to this

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Egbert van Panderen Engraving, 1610-20 Mors sceptra ligonibus aequat "Death makes sceptres and hoes equal." Mors vltima linea rerum "Death, the final boundary of things." Horace Divitiis flores... "You flourish in wealth, and boast of the society of the great and powerful; you rejoice in the beauty of the body and the honours which men pay to you. Consider yourself, that you are mortal, that you are earth, and into the earth you shall go." Quotation from Prosper Tiro of Aquitaine

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And busy weekend 5: Inspired by all the music at #vidcon Dan, Phil and TomSka form an indie band. Name suggestions?

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Minimalist Chic Wardrobe: 6 Casual Cool Items Every Girl Should Have In Her Closet

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