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Birth Name: Yousef Saleh ErakatHeightYousef’s height is m).WeightErakat weighs about 180 lbs.

'I Was Told I'd Never Succeed': How One YouTuber Battled His Demons, Defied the Odds and Found Massive Fame Online

'I Was Told I'd Never Succeed': YouTube Star Yousef Erakat on Battling His Demons, Defying the Odds, and Finding Massive Fame Online

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Yousef Erakat

Yousef Erakat Height, Weight, Age & Girlfriend  #YousefErakat

Yousef Erakat Height, Weight, Age & Girlfriend #YousefErakat

Yousef...why are you so cute?!?

This guy is so inspirational, he deserves more subs

Yousef Erakat here I'm 25 but u probably know me better as fouseytube but I also love making ppl laugh

Yousef/Fouseytube-love this guy because he's clean cut, funny, and proud of his religion

140.1k Likes, 519 Comments - Yousef Erakat ™ (@fousey) on Instagram: “wish i could go back this day and record a video. at the time of the picture i was away from…”

DJ Khaled and Yousef Erakat (Fouseytube) both successful Palestinians in the entertainment industry