#tb to a veryyyyy old picture of Taylor Swift

to a veryyyyy old picture of Taylor Swift

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STAREE David G. Mills / FrontRowNews: Taylor Swift poses just for me. No other media / photographers were even at the label showcase.

Teenagers and Young Adults: Age 15

Pics Of Taylor Swift Before She Was Famous!we have complied a collection of 20 rare photographs of Taylor Swift before she became famous!Looks like young Taylor Swift is on the phone to future mu

Taylor Swift As A Blue-Haired 11-Year-Old Has To Be The Cutest Thing Ever

This TBT Of Taylor Swift Will Make You Go "Awww"

Taylor Swift & her on-stage boyfriend starred in “Bye Bye Birdie” for the Berks Youth Theatre Academy in (during her chubby stage ;

The photoshoot for 'Taylor Swift' (2006)

Taylor Swift has such beautiful natural curls. I wish she'd stop straightening it just because the fashion world says she should!

Taylor Swift ♥

Taylor Swift ♥ [ "Taylor Swift ♥ [ \"Omg, I wish I could meet her! It would be a dream come true! Favorite singer ever!

"From white-blonde toddler 2 teen w/ a dream"..Song ready:  when Taylor was just 12/13.. she would readily play her latest songs..

Taylor Swift goes from white-blonde toddler to teen with a dream

Song ready: When Taylor Swift was around 12 or 13 years old she would readily play Andrew her latest songs

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Taylor Swift concert pic for each album [ "Taylor Swift 2006 - 2014 I've been waiting for someone to make this picture forever!